Case Study: Flattening the Curve Nationally – 2nd Wave COVID-19, Israel

After successfully handling of the “first wave” – the “second wave” of COVID-19 arrives in Israel and lasts from June 1 – November 1, 2020.
Flattening the Curve Nationally – 2nd Wave COVID-19, Israel

Since the start of the pandemic, Israel has been divided into three main groups: General population, ultra-Orthodox community and the Arab community.


This time we were commissioned to flatten the curve in the ultra-Orthodox population – nationally.


Here are some characteristics

  • The Ultra-Orthodox community, which counts for only 12%  (1.5M) of the entire population, suffers the highest number of positive cases relatively to its size.
  • 58% are below the age of 19
  • Heavy users of public transportation
  • Densely packed, with sprawling families, in shoe-box apartments
  • Customs that have protected its venerable traditions from change – strict limits on modern technology, aversion of secular media, suspicion of state institutions.

Here’s the problem

Three main hubs for transmissions: Households, Education Institutions, Religious institution.

Main Challenges

Efforts towards disruption of spreading circles and maintaining low infection rates:


  • Monitoring the atmosphere within the sector
  • Coordinating with opinion leaders and influencers to remove barriers
  • Mediating and supporting Ultra-Orthodox leadership
  • Focusing on the Ultra-Orthodox unique characteristics and coordinating operative efforts supporting those
  • Demanding resources and supporting elements which will address the needs as a part of the whole resources picture
  • Delineating policy recommendations as part of the integrative effort
  • Diffusing data and cross sectoral studies within the community
  • Collecting preceding information concerning activities with high risk of spreading COVID-19

Empowering local Authorities

  • Putting the local authority in the center, according to SYN-RG-Ai holistic approach for crisis management, to ensure a successful operation
  • Establishing command and control in which municipality will interact with all the relevant Government offices
  • Permanent team to manage to Command & Control center
  • Supporting information campaigns
  • Local authorities funding of epidemiological researchers
  • Standardizing model of epidemiological research & investigations
  • Food & supply vouchers for patients and families in isolation
  • Harnessing Emergency Call Center (911)

Our team has proven tools for the speedy identification of impending outbreaks and the ability to stop their spread quickly.

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