We are SYN-RG-Ai

SYN-RG-Ai believes that national crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, are manageable and can create opportunities to shape a new reality in modern urban communities. Our unique approach synchronizes people, methodologies, and technological innovation.

What we do

We provide decision makers with the tools to predict and manage crises, minimizing the negative effects in their communities. By always putting people first, we cultivate a sense of trust and collaboration, ensuring that the methods and technologies deployed are in the best interest of the residents and their quality of life.

A multidisciplinary and experienced team of specialists – consisting of military and civilian professionals, with expertise in crisis management, economic recovery, public health, social behavior, PR and spokesmanship – will assist you in flattening the curve and shaping a new reality. We can do it remotely.

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At a glance:

  • COVID-19 crisis management consultants
  • Israeli technology, methods, and know-how
  • Situation based, customized multidisciplinary team of specialists
  • Experience based, proven results in complex communities
  • Remote or on-site operation
Syn-rg-ai Work Methods multi-disciplinary expert team
Syn-rg-ai Work Methods multi-disciplinary expert team

How we do it 

Step 1 – Weekly situation assessment meeting with our team of experts to analyze the current situation, discuss procedures, methodologies and required operations. It will also include a review of data collected in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Agenda will include:
  • Effort to severe chains of infection and reduce morbidity
  • Update on the impact on the population
  • Medical-epidemiological professional examination of courses of action taken and evaluation for future reference.
  • Operational discussion regarding status of current and further required operations

Step 2 – Work groups formed according to efforts and tasks defined during the week and between one situation assessment and another.

Our team has proven tools for the rapid identification of impending outbreaks and the ability to stop their rapid spread.

Having demonstrated our ability to flatten the curve, halt the spread of the virus, avert medical and human catastrophe, and develop modules for moving forward, we are now focusing on the coming waves of Covid-19.

Here’s one example

Commissioned  by Israel’s Ministry of Health, SYN-RG-Ai has demonstrated its capabilities in handling a highly complex, densely populated ethnic enclave, that had explosive contagion growth. We succeeded in flattening the curve in just a month – halting the viral spread and averting a medical and human catastrophe on both a local and national level. In essence, we shaped a new reality, allowing residents to manage their daily lives alongside the pandemic.

Flattening the curve in Israel

1st WAVE

2nd WAVE

And here’s what it required:

Designing an action strategy, based on behavioral research of the population, and formulating a national narrative.

Activating tools to reduce the spread, while monitoring adherence to regulations, and measuring behavioral change.

These steps were done while maintaining a continuous dialogue with the population, utilizing information systems and data to “sense” the community, and deploying campaigns and activities on social networks.

Our teams are formed based on situational needs and comprised of multidisciplinary experienced specialists.

Contact us, maybe we can help.