Smart City Control Room

Connected Dashboards

What-If Analysis

Accidents and elements blocking Points and Shapes considered for:

  • Routing
  • Traffic Flow reconstruction
  • Evacuation paths
  • Rescue team paths
Change based Assessment:
  • Mobility demand assessment
  • Mobility Offer assessment

Bus Stops: Mean Waiting Time Estimation

Origin Destination Matrix Estimation

User Behavior Analysis

City Areas Characterization

Computation of Traffic Flow Evolution

Free Parking Predictions

Careggi car park
Model features BRNN model results
R-squared RMSE MASE
Baseline 0.974 24 1.87
Baseline + Weather 0.975 24 1.75
Baseline + Traffic sensors 0.975 24 2.04
Baseline + Weather + Traffic sensors 0.975 24 1.87
Anomaly Detection
Accidents Vs. Traffic
Accidents Density