SYN-RG-Ai's ComMuni Platform is an innovative method that uses information and communication technologies (ICTs) together with other tools to improve quality of life, and optimize efficiency of urban operations, services, and competitiveness, while addressing community and individual economic, social, cultural and environmental needs, for present and future generations.

Platform significant technologies include:

Big data, open source and anonymization infrastructure (with data security implementation), in addition to predictive analytics and decision support systems.

Existing Smart
City Connectivity

Our platform transforms all system data into
structured and unstructured database.

Energy & Water

Building, Infrastructure & Planning

Transportation & Traffic Control

Brain microchip graphic SYN-RG-Ai Platform

ICT - Information & Communication Technology

Safety & Security

Smart Parking & Environmental Sensors

City Government Keeps Getting Complicated

Open Architecture Inegration

Collection: System integrates & interfaces with all the organization’s infrastructure systems, security, safety, communications and data sources. Vendor agnostic. We have more than 350 existing integrations and can integrate any new system in 3 weeks time.

Enhancing human decision makers with the power of artificial intelligence

Added Values & Benefits