Our Mission

SYN-RG-Ai’s mission is to harness cutting-edge technology and methodology for measuring and understanding intelligent living dimensions within our communities. This will empower decision makers with the knowledge they need to make timely and effective decisions that positively affect the well being of the greater community.

Our Credentials

Ronny Numa

Co-Founder, SYN-RG-Ai Integrative Solutions for Smart Cities management.

Major-General (ret.) Israel Defense Force, GOC Central Command.

Operations, Central Command.

Retired Major-General Ronny Numa is nationally praised for his work in the Israel Defense Forces as GOC Central Command. After decades of exemplary service, Numa recently co-launched a new venture which repurposes his military knowledge and experience to bring innovation in the field of crisis management and smart cities technology integration: A new, already eventful chapter begins with SYN-RG-Ai. Ronny Numa’s Wikipedia Page
  • Head of the ultra-Orthodox Desk, Magen Israel – the national program to fight the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Led the COVID-19 Emergency HQ, Bnei Brak.
  • Leading large organizations, systems, and units of complex infrastructure with multilayered resources and technologies.
  • Command of operational zones during highly volatile, dynamic and sensitive periods.
  • Shaping of strategies, concepts, and plan development- short and long term, in coordination with domestic and international organizations and governmental authorities.
  • Steering organizational adaptation in dynamic situations while assimilating doctrinal and technological innovation and development of training programs.

Avraham (Avi) Cohen

Co-Founder, SYN-RG-Ai Integrative Solutions for Smart Cities management.

Colonel (ret.) after 30 years as commander at IDF C5i Branch, cyber defense and Electronic Warfare .

Retired Colonel, Avraham Cohen, is revered for his 30 years of duty as commander at the Israel Defense Forces C5i Branch of Cyber Defense and Electronic Warfare.


His vast knowledge and experience as a pioneer in digital technology architecture brought him to co-launch a new venture aimed to further advance the practice of digital transformation and smart technology integration, in a mission to bring cities greater abundance and wellbeing all while providing new methods that can more effectively predict and manage crises. Learn more about SYN-RG-Ai and the recent case study on its intervention in Bnei Brak, where Cohen lead as Deputy Director, CTO & CIO of the COVID-19 Emergency HQ during one of Israel’s most severe outbreaks.

  • Director of Ultra-Orthodox Desk, Magen Israel – the national program to fight the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Managed the COVID-19 Emergency HQ, Bnei Brak.
  • Digital Transformation and Digital Strategy Architecture (IT&EW&Cyber) Specialist.
  • Leader in Organizational Digital Transformation, re-organization .
  • Architect of task-oriented work teams and management integration.
  • Manager of highly technological operations, R&D, resources, and complex environments.
  • Partner in significant innovation projects for local and global partners.
  • Technological and Techno-Operational positions in the IDF command core forefront.

Our professional experience in managing a variety of national crises, has yielded a specialized approach based on the synergy between people, methods of action and technological innovation.