At SYN-RG-Ai we believe that national crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, are manageable and can create opportunities to shape a new reality in modern urban communities. Our professional experience has yielded a specialized approach based on the synergy between people, methods of action and technological innovation.

We provide decision makers with the tools to predict and manage crises, in order to minimize negative effects in their communities.

By always putting people first, we cultivate a sense of trust and collaboration, ensuring that the methods and technologies deployed
are in the best interest of the residents and their quality of life.

National level field proven crisis management experience

Synergy of people, action methods and technological development.

Management and integration of diverse sources to create an amplified holistic effect.

Rapid situation assessment and analysis based on socio-ethnic, geographical and environmental factors.

Unique A.I. and Quick Learning based model for gathering and processing information.


Collection of all relevant data

to create a current situation report and map out existing patterns

Creating common language

as a base for crisis management

Holistic response in time of crisis

Forecasting, minimizing damage, real time analysis & conclusions

Decision Making Dashboard

Signals crisis alerts by area/location

"By always putting people first, we cultivate a sense of trust and collaboration, ensuring that the methods and technologies deployed are in the best interest of communities and their quality of life."

Our Work Methods

Our work methods are field tested and proven.

Immediate arrival ability of Multi Discipline Team (can be done remotely).


Effective crisis management system with connectivity capabilities to any sensor and info type.


Research & Analysis using a range of sensors and resources, to form a situational awareness.


3 stages of Data Gathering:


  • Prior to arrival: preliminary open/exposed data
  • Upon arrival (24-72 hrs.): connecting and gathering from existing information sources to create preliminary situation report
  • During the event: designing processes enabling to create new Data Insights.

Real time assessment. During first 72 hours in the site we conduct specialist survey and situation analysis.


Forming dedicated task forces.


Analyzing public “sentiment”.


Informing and Influencing population behavior.


Gathering & fusing digital data, structuring organized comprehensive data.


Modeling scalability; building protocols, regulations, procedures and best practices.


No integration to existing systems requirement during embedment process.

A multidisciplinary and experienced team of specialists – consisting of military and civilian professionals with expertise in the fields of crisis management, economic recovery, public health, social behavior, PR and spokesmanship – will assist you in flattening the curve and shaping a new reality. There are two levels of involvement:
Our special task force assists decision makers in corporate, federal, and municipal arenas around the globe to minimize the negative effects on communities during national crises. This promotes better crisis management and creates a constructive dialogue with community leaders and the general population, minimizing the negative effects – with the goal of maintaining daily routines in a safer, more controlled environment.

Added Values & Benefits

With SYN-RG-Ai’s Urban Sensing prediction platform for decision making, our clients are able to maintain an ongoing sense of continuity for their affected communities through any crisis or other unforeseen situation.

Municipal / Civil & Business continuity Support during crisis

Operational Planning and Reaction to maintain a semblance of daily life during the crisis

Planning and implementing steps for gradual return to routine