Case Study: COVID-19 Rapid Saliva Test Pilot

A SYN-RG-Ai operation

A saliva-based diagnostic solution can be an alternative for PCR tests, developed by Salignostics LTD.

This technology aims to enable low-cost, rapid and safe diagnostic procedures, wrapped in an aesthetic, user friendly design.


The devices require no external analytic systems, no professional assistance for operating and no electrical  power source.


In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the Salignostics team accepted the challenge to adjust the “tool-box” for a rapid, safe, straightforward SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic procedure. This test will share the same technological platform and appearance as a home pregnancy test for a rapid, clear, easy to read “Yes/No” on-the-spot result.


Fast procedure – no need for sample preparation / processing results.


Self-testing – can be done anywhere, by anyone (including kids) without professional supervision (less manpower.)


Accuracy – The result is a more accurate and consistent diagnostic system, with a lower margin of error thanks to the limited handling stages.


Stability – saliva samples that were treated with Salignostics’ technologies had no bacterial growth for at least 72 hours at room temperature. The elimination of bacterial growth expands the opportunities for coping with the collection of samples of a broad population, in locations where refrigeration systems are not available.


Saliva use – Saliva is gaining increased attention as a preferable body-fluid for COVID-19 detection due to the relatively high viral load it has among asymptomatic individuals and early symptomatic patients.


Safety – COVID-19 testing is now safer than ever, since no professional health-worker needs to approach individuals suspected of being infected.


Fast results – 15 minutes after sampling.

Preliminary Results*

*Saliva Antigen tests were examined by a digital reader that yields results reflecting the Optical Density (OD) of their Test line. OD values of 17.5 or higher were calibrated to the Limit of Detection of the naked eye. Thus: OD>=17.5: Positive result; OD<17.5: Negative result. In early SaliCov’s clinical experiments, individuals with high to moderate viral load showed Positive results. The same results were obtained with Gold Standard Saliva PCR. Such viral load indicates high infectivity potential which can now be detected in public places such as schools, theaters, airports, sport arenas, public transportation and more.



rapid sampling of all of the yeshiva students (apart from the recoverees and verified patients).


Tests results:

the results appear 15 minutes after the sampling.
The results are transferred to the control center.


Continuing process:

the students who received a positive result, will do a PCR test.
The control center schedules an immediate PCR sampling in the yeshiva.


233 participants

Rapid tests

Yeshiva students in 3 different yeshivas


Operating rapid survey for the entire institution

The sampling is for self-use, and managed by a professional team

Results appear after 15 minutes

Students with a positive test result will perform a PCR test

Isolation and epidemiologic investigation for the verified patients


Positive PCR tests Positive Saliva tests Number of students Test Group
1 1 90 Boarding school 1
6 6 53 Boarding school 2
6 6 90 Boarding school 3
100% validation


The rapid saliva tests were tested and verified in different boarding schools, with 100% validation, in a pilot operation including saliva teat, PCR test, Isolating verified patients and performing epidemiologic investigation.


The rapid tests allow a fast and easy procedure, that can be used by minimally trained healthcare professionals. The rapid procedure has the potential to test large populations with immediate results, and can be useful for commuting (locally and world-wide) and as a requirement for attending events and public spaces.

Our team has proven tools for the speedy identification of impending outbreaks and the ability to stop their spread quickly.

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